Team Member

    He graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology with a major in Building and Engineering Constructions.

    Since 1998, he was gaining professional experience by working with a construction company and then design offices in Poland and abroad. He was responsible for the preparation, coordination and implementation of projects.

    In 2002, he obtained an unrestricted civil engineering work management licence.

    In 2003, he obtained an unrestricted civil engineering design licence.

    In 2004, he established a design bureau, ESOX PROJEKT Sp. z o.o., which provides both comprehensive and customer-tailored design and consulting services in relation to facade works. Since then, he has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ESOX PROJEKT.

    In 2013, he reviewed a manual entitled ”Construction Elements of Building Glass” by A. Piekarczuk published by ITB.

    During his professional career, he has participated in or managed a team in charge of the construction of facades in many prestigious facilities, including, without limitation, the Old Brewery in Pozna?, the modernisation of the Spodek Sports and Entertainment Hall in Katowice, the Baikonur underground station in Almaty, and many other first-rate office facilities in Poland and abroad, including green facilities with a LEED or BREEAM licence.

    At present, he takes care of the innovativeness of facade technological solutions, which must meet applicable standards and architect visions, but come within investor budgets at the same time.